Domestic Water Heater

Temperature Gauge

A dial type thermometer is used to display temperature of water. An aluminium cap houses a temperature sensitive coil spring, which in turn is connected to the pointer and maintains contact with the tank surface.

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Safety Valve

The safety valve serves two functions:

  • Pressure Relief: Its factory preset to open in case the working pressure increases above the set pressure.
  • Non Return: It prevents the flow of water from the tank to the supply line, in case of pressure drop, there by preventing vacuum in the storage tank. This also saves the heating element from dry burn out. It is recommended to replace safety valve every two years.
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Secondary Safety Valve (Optional)

An additional safety valve is installed at the top of the unit to give added protection against increased pressure levels in the storage tank. It is recommended to change this valve every two years or earlier based on condition of the water.

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Magnesium Anode (Optional)

Magnesium anode help to protect glasslined tanks whilst the initial deposit of scale forms on the shell. The life of the magnesium anode depends on the quality of the water & regular checks should be made to establish a service period for timely replacement.

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The thermostat is stem type with adjustable temperature range. It is factory preset at 65°c. This device also houses an upper limit thermal cut off, which is activated in case of malfunction of temperature regulation. Refer to maintenance manual for replacement as and when necessary

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Heating Element

The heating element is 1 1/4” BSP threaded, direct immersion type. It is constructed of nickle chromium wire in mineral filling the whole encased in copper sheathing. Regular and prolonged use of heating element can lead to build up of scaling based on condition of water. It is recommended to clean or replace it every two years.

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